Plumbing Emergencies You Can Avoid

There’s something to be said about having a working piping system in the home with running water. It is something that we for the most part, take advantage of as a given rather than the luxury that it is. There are places across the world that would marvel at waking up to running, heated water and then there’s us, who don’t give a shower a second thought. But imagine you’ve woken for your alarm for work and you step into the shower. It’s still dark and it’s a very cold winter day outside. You’re getting ready for work and all of a sudden the hot water turns into brown, smelly sludge, meaning you are no longer clean or even getting ready for work; you’re calling a professional in to sort your shower out! A home can become miserable and even uninhabitable if it is freezing cold and the water supply has failed, and the problem can just get worse and worse, with frozen pipes thawing and leaking and drains becoming backed-up with dirty water. Making sure you have a decent plumbing company on speed dial like is an essential to your home!

There’s a lot that can go wrong in the home when it comes to your plumbing and being vigilant about these issues is important. For example, you might not notice a broken radiator for months especially throughout the summer when the radiators are turned off, but once you turn your central heating on, a cold radiator will become incredibly obvious! You have to ensure that you bleed the radiator. To avoid any radiator related issues, test your radiators when the weather is still relatively pleasant, so you can bleed or clean them before you need your central heating and that way you can ensure you won’t run into any issues. Did you know that frozen pipes are among the most common winter home emergencies? These are also disastrous if they happen. Considering water has the unique talent of expanding when frozen, pipes can pop in the walls and under the sinks if the pipes freeze! When the water thaws out, the pipes then leak which in some cases can cause utter devastation to a home. Doing this removes any air that is trapped within the radiator and allows the hot water within the radiator to circulate properly. Getting the radiators cleaned properly at least once a year will help with any blockages.

Well insulated pipes are a must when it comes to your home and making sure that you have cavity wall insulation can make such a difference to your wallet should the worst happen. Be extremely careful when defrosting pipes as you can cause unnecessary damage – best to call in a professional to help! By making sure you don’t pour grease and oil down the drains, you can make sure that you don’t cause a blockage. Fat and grease dropped down a drain can cause a substantial blockage and can completely block the drains and pipes in the cold weather if it freezes. Using drain unblocker every few months will keep your drains free of debris and using drain covers over baths and sink plugholes will mean less hair and soap debris goes down the pipes and can be binned instead.